Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lights, Camera, Action......

 As I sit at the computer by the window and looking out onto the garden feeling how good it is that the late afternoons are getting so much brighter and each time you go outside there are so many things on the move. The garden birds are busy and the Curlews are calling, there are increasing numbers of Lapwing coming and the Greylag geese are very noisy.

On a totally different subject it seems very peaceful here this week especially in our house, last week we had a group of students from Uclan here to "shoot" a film. I think they were taking advantage of it being half term as there were a number of younger actors involved each with a chaperone. On the first day as each fresh vehicle arrived with the actors they were directed to our Bowland Barn that is more usually the games and information room for cottage guests, it became "The Green Room", with the guest laundry room becoming "dressing room". Each day I checked which of our rooms and outdoor shots were needed so that we knew where we would be better working that day. We learned a lot about film making especially how time consuming it all is with everything needing to be just right for each take. The lack of traffic noise etc. was a plus point and only once did the noise of a passing aeroplane interrupt a scene. I must say they were a very dedicated group of young people working well as a team. It was all very interesting but we felt quite exhausted by the end of the week and it's much more peaceful this week.